VALCORE Recycling is a Non-profit recycling center that accepts bottles/cans (Buyback) and donations (Other Recyclables).

UPDATE (June 2022):

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our buyback/donations program will be closed on Saturdays until further notice. Our monthly Saturday Paper Shredding program is still available, though! Please see Paper Shredding link for more details.

ALL donations and MON-FRI Paper Shredding: At this time, cardboard, paper, dry clothes (in plastic bags), books and paper shredding will be preferred between 9AM-10AM, but are available daily from 9AM-1PM and 2PM-4PM.

Out of consideration for those waiting to get in, please bring in your materials fully sorted with caps off. This will decrease your time in the yard and allow for others to recycle as well. Also, gates close to everyone at 12:50 and 4:20. Thank you!


Our COVID-19 Policies

Paper Shredding Procedures

New Customer? Click here for our general procedures and policies.(UPDATE: These instructions may differ. Please refer to our COVID-19 Policies for more info.)

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you soon!

VALCORE is the only non-profit Community Recycling in Vallejo, CA. Read all about our history and involvement in the community as well as ways you can help.

We only buy California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers. Donations are also welcome! Drop by our open hours Monday through Saturday.

Need to shred some confidential paper? Drop off your paper every Monday-Friday during open hours. Every 3rd Saturday of the month you can also physically see your paper shredded. Fee applies; see inside for details. UPDATE: Our Saturday Shredding events are continuing as scheduled.

Donations of books, office, art supplies and other items are welcome to our Re-Use Barn. Visit us to see what is in store. If you have questions as to whether your donation would be a good fit, please contact us. UPDATE: The Re-Use barn will be closed indefinitely until further notice due to COVID-19.

VALCORE Recycling has teamed up with Car Donations Services, Inc. to provide you with the easiest way possible to donate your vehicle whether it is running or not. Click here to donate directly or enter our information page to find out more about this service.