COVID-19 Policies

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), VALCORE has implemented new yard policies. The following now applies:

    • Customers are not required to wear a mask or facial covering, but it is still recommended.
    • If you are not feeling well, please do not enter our facility.
    • A limited amount of customers are allowed at one time. Access will be metered.
    • Everyone must keep a MINIMUM 6 FEET distance at all times.
    • No loitering; passengers (unless helping to sort) and dogs MUST stay in vehicle.
    • The ReUse Barn is temporarily closed.
    • Clothing is still accepted but MUST be bagged in PLASTIC bags.
    • Weight limits are still STRICTLY enforced per state law (Plastic 100 lbs/day/car; Aluminum 100 lbs/day/car; Glass 1,000 lbs/day/car). Keep your time here to a minimum by presorting all your materials & removing caps.


We have also taken further steps to protect the customers and the staff on-site:

  • We have lines painted for “parking” and distancing while in line.
  • A sneeze guard has been installed at the weighmaster podium.
  • Checks will not need to be signed for.
  • All staff will be wearing masks/face coverings.
  • Entrance and exit gates will be closed and staffed to let customers in and out.

By helping us follow these policies and procedures, we can aid in stopping the spread and maintaining good hygiene for us all. Thank you and stay safe, everyone!