Vallejo's California Native Plant Garden

The Native Plant Garden at the Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD)’s Amador St. Community Center was created in 2002 with the support of VALCORE Recycling, Sierra Club Solano Group, GVRD and other community members and organizations.

In August of 2020, volunteers revamped the entire garden due to overgrowth. Utilization of cardboard from the recycling center, a drip irrigation system and mulching allow for a more environmentally friendly garden.

This was possible due to donations of labor, money and services from the following:

VALCORE Recycling,
Watershed Nursery (Richmond),
Annie’s Annuals (Richmond),
George Schandelmier Jr. Landscaping,
California Native Plant Society Willis Jepson Chapter,
Jane Bogner,
Suzanne Clarke,
Nancy McCoy and
Linda Sonner.