Recycling Procedure

When you arrive at VALCORE, we try to make your visit as smooth as possible. Here’s how we help you recycle your material at our location!

Arrive by foot or car into our yard during our open hours.
A VALCORE employee will greet you and retrieve barrels for your recycled materials.
Sort your materials by type into separate barrels: Plastic (#1-7), Cans (aluminum), bi-metal, and glass (clear, green, and brown).
When ready, wave or call over a VALCORE employee.
We'll head to you as soon possible to wheel over your sorted materials to our weighmaster station. When there, your materials will be checked upon arrival.
After materials are checked, you will be issued a check. ID may be required for large loads.

Please note that any CRV material amount over 100lbs will have to be turned away as per CalRecycle Law.

(See here for more details: CalRecycle Info )